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Used Auto Parts That Are Never a Good Idea

Used Auto Parts - Never OK To Use List


Before you decide to install a used auto part from this category, check your head. Most of these are parts that wear with mileage and are probably well on their way to uselessness as you're putting them in. Used auto parts can be great, but unless you're in Cuba sometimes they're better left sitting in the stinking yard of the used auto parts junk spot than installed on your car. Any used auto parts outlet with any integrity wouldn't sell you these parts used without at least letting you know that it might suck.

Also check out the Sometimes and Always lists.

Never OK to use:

  • air bags
  • air filter
  • airbag sensors
  • ball joints
  • battery
  • bearings
  • brake discs/rotors
  • brake light switch
  • brake pads
  • brake shoes
  • catalytic converter
  • clutch disc
  • cooling fan switch
  • cylinder sleeves
  • distributor cap
  • distributor cap
  • engine bearings
  • fuel lines
  • fuses
  • gaskets
  • head studs
  • headlights
  • ignition coil
  • ignition condenser
  • ignition points
  • MAF
  • muffler
  • muffler hangers
  • oil filter
  • oil pressure switches sensors
  • piston rings
  • radiator hoses
  • rotor
  • shifter bushings
  • shock absorbers
  • spark plug wires
  • spark plugs
  • strut bearings
  • strut inserts
  • thermostat
  • timing belt
  • timing chain
  • tires
  • valves
  • voltage regulator
  • water pump
  • water pump
  • wheel bearings
  • wheel cylinders
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