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Two Useful Products for Home Auto Maintenance


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Two Goodies to Add Convenience to Your Car Care Experience
Two products tested for you.

Two things you can buy to make your car work easier.

photo by Matt Wright, 2011
If you're a do-it-yourselfer you're always on the lookout for things that may make your life easier. Whether it's a new tool, a gadget, or a cleaning device, you're willing to try something that might make your car care experience easier, more fun, cleaner, or sometimes just different. Like you, we are always on the lookout for these things, and we want to share what we find. We've uncovered some serious winners in the past, along with some dismal failures. In the process I hope we've saved you some money or time, or both.

Following are a couple of products we found that fit into the car care category, but also fit into the category of the potentially pointless. Let us check them out and test them for you, and you decide whether they are worth letting into your life.

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