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Product Review: Michelin Radius Wipers

Are the Michelin Radius Wipers the new standard for wipers?

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Product Review: Michelin Radius Wipers

Michelin Radius Wipers

Photo by Adam Wright 2010
About a month ago I reviewed the performance of the Rain-X Latitude Wipers, which have a very innovative design. I theorized that this design would become the new standard for windshield wipers. Michelin seems to agree with me because they have come out with the Michelin Radius Wipers, which have a very similar design. Will they outperform the Rain-X Latitude Wipers? Are the Michelin Radius Wipers the new standard in wipers?

Real World Testing

The Michelin Radius wipers on first glance look just like the Rain-X Latitude wipers. But are they as good, or better? As it turns out they are better. They hug the windshield tighter and get a better wipe, even on the downstroke. The Rain-X Latitude wipers sometimes have a tendency to leave a streak on the downstroke, the Michelin Radius wipers do not do this. My guess on why they're better: Michelin probably has a more thorough understanding of rubber, given they've seen more than a century of innovation in the business. Like a lot of things in life it is not the invention itself that is the best, but the improvement on the invention that takes the prize. History has taught us that what someone can invent, someone else can make better. Michelin has developed a superior wiper with the new curved design. A great product.

Michelin Radius Wipers

Photo by Adam Wright 2010
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 4 out of 5
Wiper Blades (UK), Member timemouse

I bought these curved blades in Tesco,s six months ago and find them brilliant on my 11 year old Rover, but they weren't Rainex or Michelin and probably were a lot cheaper. If I remember right I paid 6 each for a pair of them & got double points....lol

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