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Product Review: Genie Perfect Stop Parking System

Can a little ball on a string make you a perfect car parker?

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Product Review: Genie Perfect Stop Parking System

Genie Perfect Stop Parking System

Photos by Adam Wright
This is one of those items that seems so simple. It's a tennis ball on a string, right? There are a number of gadgets to help you stop your car in the perfect place in the garage. How does the Genie Perfect Stop trump all the competition?

Real World Testing

There is a wide variety of systems to help you park your car in the garage. There is the kind that you glue to the floor to tell you when to stop, basically when your wheel hits it, you stop. There is the tennis ball on a string, which also works. My father even drew a square on the wall so when his mirror aligned with it, he stopped. How can you improve on these systems? The brilliant folks at Genie thought about it and came up with the Genie Perfect Stop Parking System. At first glance it looks like a tennis ball on a string, a tried and true system, but they have expanded on the idea. The Genie folks have taken a couple of eyelets and by attaching one to the top of your garage door and another to the roof of the garage ceiling they created a system where when the garage door is down the ball goes to the ceiling and only arrives at the perfect spot when the garage door is raised. The perfect spot is where the ball hits your windshield, telling you to stop the car. The Genie Perfect Stop Parking System is an improvement on how to best park your car in the garage. If you use this system you are almost guaranteed to park perfectly every time. One of the great things about the system is that it works with any garage and any garage door opener, not just Genie.
User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
More expensive than a tennis ball, Member JohnBohl

The only advantage of the Genie Perfect Stop is that the yellow ball is raised to the ceiling when the garage door is closed. Since this doesn't make any difference if the car is parked in the garage, this is no advantage at that time. If the car is not in the garage, than the ball is out of the way when you are working in the closed garage. But if the garage door is open while working, the ball is again down in the middle of the parking area. I usually work in the garage with the door open, so I must be just aware of the Perfect Stop ball as if I used a standard tennis ball indicator. That being said, I do appreciate the highly visible yellow ball, and the secure attachment of the strong dacron string to the ball. I just hang the ball as if I were using a tennis ball, thus accomplishing my goal, while saving the trouble of trying to interpret the not clear installation instructions. (An overall diagram of the final installation would be helpful, instead of several diagrams of what the garage door looks like with no indication of the overall routing of the string, or specifically where point ""B"" is supposed to be).

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