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OBD Codes for 1996-2003 Cars


Choose your vehicle's make from the list below, then follow the link to the database of Diagnostic Trouble Codes for your car.

OBD-II Codes For 1996-2003 Cars

With your code in hand, follow the link to the number range which corresponds to your code, then you'll see the specific code listed and the issue that caused the code to appear.

P0100 - P0199
P0200 - P0299
P0300 - P0399
P0400 - P0499
P0500 - P0599
P0600 - P0699
P0700 - P0799
P0800 - P0899
P0900 - P0999
P1000 - P1099
P1100 - P1199
P1200 - P1299
P1300 - P1399
P1400 - P1499
P1500 - P1599
P1600 - P1699
P1700 - P1799
P1800 - P1899
P1900 - P1999

If you have a Chrysler product, your codes are here.

Codes for Nissan can be found here.

For more information on where these codes come from and what you're supposed to do with them, check out the On Board Diagnostics introduction.

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