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The Exhaustive Database of OBD-I and OBD-II Engine Codes

Welcome to the About.com On Board Diagnostics translation department, where you can turn a handful of numbers into a handful of problems, that you can solve! First select the year of your car, then you'll be asked the make, and finally you'll look up the specific code.

Unable to Read Your OBD-II Codes?
If you've hooked up to your OBD-II diagnostic plug and got nothing, don't assume that the system needs serious work. Sometimes it can be simple and free to fix.

OBD Codes for 1996-2003 Cars
If your car was built between the years of 1996 and 2003, we have your codes covered in this section.

OBD Codes for 1985 Cars
If your car was built in 1985, and you need to identify a code produced by your On Board Diagnostics system, look no further.

OBD Codes for 1986 Cars
Information regarding On Board Diagnostic Codes for 1986 models can be found here.

OBD Codes for 1987 Cars
Here are the OBD codes for 1987 models.

OBD Codes for 1988 Cars
Get your OBD code translations for 1988 cars at this page.

OBD Codes for 1989 Cars
Need your codes translated for a 1989 vehicle? Here you go ...

OBD Codes for 1990 Cars
1990 was a good year for OBD codes, or maybe not. For better or worse, here are the code definitions for 1990.

OBD Codes for 1991 Cars
These are the On Board Diagnostics code explanations for vehicles from the 1991 model year.

OBD Codes for 1992 Cars
Here are the OBD codes you were asking for. They are for 1992 cars.

OBD Codes for 1993 Cars
The explanations for OBD codes pertaining to 1993 vehicles are at the end of this link.

OBD Codes for 1994 Cars
If your car was built in 1994, you'll find OBD code descriptions here.

OBD Codes for 1995 Cars
Explanations of the On Board Diagnostic codes for 1995 vehicles are here.

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