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Those Warning Lights and Buzzers

It's important to understand what all of those dashboard lights mean and whether they're important or just there for decoration.

Dash Lights: The Battery Light on Your Dashboard
The dash lights on your car all mean something, and the battery light is no exception. Be sure you know what to do if your battery light comes on while you're going down the road.

Dash Lights: The Oil Light on Your Dashboard
Dash lights carry important messages. If you see your dashboard brake light or oil light illuminated, you should start troubleshooting the reason behind the light to avoid expensive repairs.

Dash Lights: The Brake Light on Your Dashboard
Your car's dash board is full of lights. Some are important, some are decoration. When you are troubleshooting an issue based on a warning light be sure you know what's important.

Check Engine Checkup
That Check Engine light glowing on your dash could be something serious, or it could be a case of the nothings that your mechanic will be glad to charge you $100 to tell you about. Take a look at these common triggers that can cause your Check Engine light to come on for almost no reason at all.

How to Test Your Cherokee Coolant Sensor and Wiring
Bad Coolant Sensor light and buzzer help.

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