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What's Leaking Under My Car?


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Coolant or radiator leaks need to be fixed.

If you have a radiator or other coolant leak, repair it soon or you'll be stranded.

photo by Matt Wright, 2009
Coolant (antifreeze) leaks are probably the second most common, with oil taking the top spot. Coolant leaks will slowly deplete your engine of precious coolant leaving it susceptible to overheating. But that's not the only negative to a coolant leak -- coolant can be deadly to animals. Even a small amount of coolant ingested by an animal can kill it.

Coolant can be pinkish or greenish, but most of the time you'll find the green variety. It has a sweet smell and is somewhat viscous.

Did you know that as coolant breaks down, it can begin to react with the metals inside your cooling system, eventually breaking it down and causing a major leak? A number of vehicles that used aluminum heater cores are very prone to this type of mess, which results sometimes in hot coolant being sprayed all over the driver's feet! It's a good idea to flush your radiator annually to avoid any chance of this.

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