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Volkswagen Jetta Fuse Map


Fuse Diagram and Location Descriptions for Jetta
Use this fuse location diagram as a map.

Volkswagen Jetta Fuse Locations

Use this diagram to tell what fuse is for your brake lights and which one's for the reverse lights on a 1999 or newer Volkswagen Jetta or Golf. You can find your fuse locations easily with the illustration. Replacing your fuses is easy when you have a good diagram of fuse locations! It also shows which color fuses indicate which amperage. If you need to brush up on how to replace a fuse, click here.

The following list indicates which fuses go in each numbered location on the diagram. It tells you the function of the fuse and the correct amperage.

1 Washer nozzle heaters 10 A
2 Turn signal lights 10 A
3 Fog light relay 5 A
4 License Plate Light 5 A
5 Comfort System, cruise control, Climatronic, A/C, heated seat control modules 7.5 A
6 Central locking system 5 A
7 Back-up lights, speedometer vehicle speed sensor (VSS) 10 A
8 Open
9 Anti-lock brake system (ABS) 5 A
10 Engine control module (ECM): gasoline engine 10 A
11 Instrument cluster, shift lock solenoid 5 A
12 Data Link Connector (DLC) power supply 7.5 A
13 Brake and tail lights 10 A
14 Interior lights, central locking system 10 A
15 Instrument cluster, transmission control module (TCM) 5 A
16 A/C clutch, after-run coolant pump 10 A
17 Open
18 Headlight high beam, right 10 A
19 Headlight high beam, left 10 A
20 Headlight low beam, right 15 A
21 Headlight low beam, left 15 A
22 Parking lights right, side marker right 5 A
23 Parking lights left, side marker left 5 A
24 Windshield and rear window washer pump,windshield wiper motor 20 A
25 Fresh air blower, Climatronic, A/C 25 A
26 Rear window defogger 25 A
27 Motor for rear windshield wiper 15 A
28 Fuel pump (FP) 15 A
29 Engine control module (ECM): gasoline engine 15 A
29 Engine control module (ECM): diesel engine 10 A
30 Power sunroof control module 20 A
31 Transmission control module (TCM) 20 A
32 Injectors (gasoline engine) 10 A
32 Engine control module (ECM): diesel engine 15 A
33 Headlight washer system 20 A
34 Engine control elements 10 A
35 Open
36 Foglights 15A
37 Terminal (86S) on radio 10 A
38 Central locking system (with power windows), luggage compartment light, remote/fuel tank door, motor to unlock rear lid 15 A
39 Emergency flashers 15A
40 Dual tone horn 20 A
41 Cigarette lighter 10 A
42 Radio 25 A
43 Engine control elements 10 A
44 Heated seats 15 A

Also please find the following description of fuse colors and their corresponding amperage ratings useful:

3 A - Violet
5 A - Beige
7.5 A - Brown
10 A - Red
15 A - Blue
20 A - Yellow
25 A - White
30 A - Green
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