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How to Safely Drain Your Gas Tank


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Choosing a Proper Gas Siphon
Manual fuel pump

THis manual pump is approved for combustibles like gasoline.

photo by Matt Wright, 2012
When most people think about siphoning gas out of a car or truck's gas tank, an ugly picture comes to mind. They imagine themselves sucking on a long tube with one end shoved deep into the fuel filler hole of their vehicle, hoping they can get the tube out of their mouth and into a bucket before the gas hits their lips. While this method is tried and true, it's not at all clean, and not entirely safe. Fuel is very combustible, and you never know when something could spark a fire. Safety first, right? With a simple tube siphon, you run the risk of spilling gas all over, and this is a fire hazard. We recommend using a proper manual pump that is approved for combustible liquids like gasoline. If you go to the auto parts store you can find one, just be sure to look for the combustibles approval, because many siphon pumps are not suitable for fuel. I'd also stay away from the super-cheap versions that use a little bulb to start your siphone for you. I've had terrible luck with these. The equipment pictured above features a high volume hand pump which is completely sealed, and comes with lots of tubing for both the gas tank side and the end that will go into your approved fuel container.
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