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Optimize your gas mileage!

Gas prices are bananas! Those of us who remember $1 a gallon also remember how mad we got when the price of our prized juice hit that dollar mark. What we'd give today for $1 a gallon! What's gone is gone, and today's prices only seem to be getting worse. The only guy I know who isn't worried about the price of gas drives a company car and has a company gas card. One day I was griping about how much it cost to fill my tank and he turns to me with all seriousness and says, "So how much is gas these days anyway?" When I told him it had hit $3 a gallon in some places he couldn't believe it. We all believe it now, but we don't have to bow down. There are plenty of things you can do to give your car a gas mileage boost, and many of them are free!

Eco Friendly Gas Saving Tips For Drive-Thru Windows
Gas mileage is more important than ever, and you'd be surprised at how much your gas mileage can be affected by things you never thought of. The impact of small eco friendly driving changes can make a difference.

Gas Mileage and Your Driving Habits
There are lots of things we can do to increase our car's gas mileage. A tune-up, proper tire pressure and a clean air filter all help. But did you know that your driving habits can have as much or more of an affect on how much gas you burn? By changing your behavior behind the wheel, you can do the environment and your wallet a few favors.

Tire Pressure and Your Gas Mileage
Did you know that your tires can directly affect your gas mileage? Gas prices are too high to ignore the little things you can do to get the most for your money at the pump. Check out this and other tips to optimize your fuel consumption and save a little green.

How to service your Air Box
Doing a regular servicing on your air box is a cheap and effective way to maximize the performance of your engine. As we all know maximizing performance also maximizes gas mileage. We will show you how to do a quick and effective servicing of your air box. Check it out.

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