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How to Repair or Install Trailer Wiring


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Trailer Wiring, How To Made Easy!
How to Repair or Install Trailer Wiring
Ratha Grimes/Flickr
If you're installing a trailer hitch on your car or truck, you're going to need a plug for the trailer lights. Trailer wiring can be very, very frustrating. If you've ever found yourself in a Walmart parking lot, in the dark, in the rain, trying to fix your trailer wiring with flashlights you know how much fun it can be. If you've got bad wiring, now's the time to run some new wires, not when you find yourself in a pinch. Whether it's a new installation or a repair job, I can help you with your trailer lights, wiring and installation.

*Please note this is a basic installation, and all jobs are a little different. If you're installing a larger trailer with electric brakes, you'll need a brake controller, which will involve some wiring to be done under the dash.

You can also jump straight to the Trailer Wiring Color Chart if that's all you need!

If you like to keep tabs on all of your trailer wiring functions like electric brakes, brake lights, turn signal flashers and running lights you might consider buying a trailer plug tester. They make these testers for small and large wiring plugs and they really make troubleshooting your trailer wiring much easier!

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