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Plugs Aren't Just For Hair: You Can Repair Tires


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You Can Repair Tires Yourself!
You can repair a flat tire with a plug.

Plugging a flat tire can save you cash.

Matt Wright
Plug or Patch? The debate on plugs vs patches vs both rages unending. We're here to talk about plugs. Experts have lots of opinions on tire repair. I've used plugs by themselves for years with great results and no safety issues, but others will tell you that a plug without a matching patch inside is dangerous. I can only tell you my experience. If you're not sure, take your tire to a professional for consultation.

The tire plug method of repairing tires is a mysterious thing. The first time you see one installed brings feelings of amazement and doubt. You're amazed that it held air but doubt it will last more than a day or two. The fact is that a proper tire repair will last forever. Why should you have to replace one of your tires with perfectly good tread just because a nail danced its way into your life?

For about $5 and 5 minutes of your life, you can give a dead tire a new lease on life by using a common tire plug. It's just too easy to pass up.

Never attempt to plug a sidewall! Your tire's sidewall is under different strains and pressures than the part that makes contact with the road. Plugging a sidewall can result in a blowout, so don't try it.

*Note: The NHTSA has stated that a plug is not a proper permanent tire repair.

*Update! For the past few years we've been testing out a different tire plugging system at the shop, and we are very pleased. Check out our review of this much easier system here!

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