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How To Replace Rear Brake Pads for Disc Brakes


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Compressing the Piston and New Pads.
Compressing the brake piston for clearance

Compress the piston so you have a way to take your dog in!.

photo by Josh
Now you want to take the brake piston tool you bought or own and screw the piston back in all the way. I myself had to loosen the bleeder screw thats why in the parts list I included a 10mm Wrench. So loosen the bleeder screw and turn the piston in all the way. The first couple of turns are probably gonna be really tight but after that its easy. Make sure that you have the piston lined up right so that your pad fits on right! Once you have that comleted re-tighten the bleeder screw all the way.

Now take your caliper braket and bolt it back up. Remember the 14mm goes on top and 17mm on the bottom! Make sure you have the washers that came off of them.

Once youve done this slide the brake pads onto the bracket. Take the caliper and slide it over the brake pads. This can kind of be a hassle due to the tight fight but just wiggle it on there a little bit, should slid right on. Put the 2 12mm bolts back into the caliper and tighten them down.

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