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How To Replace Spark Plug Wires


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Disconnect the Air Box
Removing the air box to facilitate spark plug wire installation.

Remove the airbox to free the intake plenum for removal. Spark plug wires hide beneath!

photo by Adam Wright, 2010
If you've made it this far, you have an engine that makes it very difficult to change your plugs and wires. Don't sweat it. Your day may be longer, but take it step by step and you won't have any problems.

The first step is to remove the air box. The air box contains your air filter, and connects to the large intake plenum that you can see is hiding the rest of your spark plug wires. If you have a large flexible hose connecting the air box to the plenum, you can remove the clamps that hold the hose on each end, and remove the hose, leaving the air box in place. If your air box and hose are one unit, you'll have to unbolt the entire box. Before removing the hose or the box, check to see what electrical connections you may need to disconnect first.* *If you want to be sure you properly reconnect your electrical plugs, take a digital photo of the air box setup before you remove anything, or draw a diagram to aid your memory.

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