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How To Replace Spark Plug Wires


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When Do You Need New Spark Plug Wires?
Spark plug wires need to be replaced.

Installing new spark plug wires is good preventive maintenance.

photo by Matt Wright
Spark plug wires are one of the more neglected parts of most engines. It's not that they don't go bad, but most people don't replace their plug wires until one of them is so bad it's causing their engine to run badly. Did you know that one of the major causes of Check Engine Lights is a bad plug wire? A faulty spark plug wire can cause an engine misfire, which will trigger the light and cost you a trip to the repair shop to turn it off. I recommend new spark plug wires every 30,000 miles or so. They can last much longer, but when they go bad you'll spend much more time and money on the repair than you would have on the prevention.

The point is this: Spark plug wires are easy insurance against a breakdown. Take the time to replace them and you'll be doing yourself a favor. Do the job while you install new spark plugs and you're really saving time.

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