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How To Replace Your Idler Arm


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Removing the Idler Arm
Remove the idler arm cotter pins.

Remove the cotter pin, then crank that big nut off the idler arm.

photo by Chuck
I did this lying on the floor of my garage. This is one of those jobs that will leave you wishing you had a lift. If you do, great! If not, jack up the truck under the right A-arm and remove the right wheel. Put a 6 ton jack stand under the frame and let the truck down on the stand. I also leave the floor jack under the A-arm as a precaution. You don't want the truck to fall on you.

Remove the cotter pin from the nut on the idler. Take a 15/16 (or appropriate size) socket and a long breaker bar and remove the nut. I put a long piece of pipe on the breaker bar to get the nut loose.

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