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Adjusting Brake Pedal Height and Free Play


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Finding Your Proper Pedal Free Play
Check your pedal free play by hand.

Use your fingers to find pedal free play.

photo by Tegger
Most pedals (brake and clutch) should have a small amount of free play. Free play is the distance the pedal can be pressed before it makes contact on the other end. It's very small, usually less than 10mm.

What You'll Need:

  • ruler
  • open end wrenches
  • line wrenches
  • pliers
  • Wite-Out or another way to mark a metal surface
To test your pedal free play, it's best to use your fingers. Move the pedal up and down and you'll be able to feel the looseness. You may be able to tell by hand when the free play is right. To be mathematical about it, all you need is a ruler. Place one end of the ruler against the floor and the other alongside the pedal. Lift the pedal to the top of its range and note the measurement. Now push the pedal just far enough for it to make contact on the other side (the end of the free play) and not this measurement. Subtract measurement two from measurement one and this is your free play amount.
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