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Exhaust Hanger Replacement Made Easy


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Hanging the Muffler From the New Exhaust Hanger
Crescent wrench exhaust hanger trick.

A Crescent wrench can hang the muffler.

photo mw
If you have a helper, get him or her to hold the muffler in place while you attach it to the exhaust hanger. If not, don't sweat it, you can slip the muffler mount into the hanger while you hold up the muffler. That's where this muffler repair trick comes in.

For a one-handed exhaust hanger installation, grab a Crescent wrench with a hole in the handle. Slide the handle end through the exhaust hanger, then put the hole in the handle on the exhaust mount. Now use the wrench to slide the exhaust hanger over the mount. Now you're hangin' again!

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