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How To Replace a Rear Brake, Turn Signal or Back Up Light Bulb


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All Your Lights Are Important
Replace a dead bulb now.

It takes 5 minutes to replace a dead brake light or turn signal bulb.

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
Every bulb on the outside of your car has a safety function. This may seem obvious, but think about how often you see somebody driving around with a tail light out, or with only one brake light. The fact is these little bulbs are often neglected. Many people don't replace them until they get pulled over and have to try to avoid the fine. It only takes a second to inspect all of your bulbs (check out our back up light trick for testing those guys.)

Don't be a slacker. Take 5 minutes and do a walkaround. Even if you find a dead bulb, we can help you replace it in no time. The last thing you want is a ticket or an accident.

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