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How To Replace Your Oxygen Sensor


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Determining Which Type of Oxygen Sensor Your Car Has
Oxygen sensor ready for installation.

This is a typical screw-type O2 sensor ready to be installed.

photo by John Lake, 2011
The question of whether or not you can replace your own O2 sensor will probably be answered by figuring out what type your car or truck has. There are two types of sensor, a screw-in type and a weld-in type. Needless to say there are a lot of differences in what goes into the installation of these two types of sensors. Save yourself some time and energy by figuring it out ahead of time.
The best way to determine what type of O2 sensor you have is to consult your repair manual, or simply ask the clerk at the auto parts store. They can look up your car by make and model and tell you in less than 5 minutes whether you are on the road to a DIY job, or headed to the repair shop. If you are blessed with the screw-in type, read on and you can replace your own. You'll save major bucks. If you are cursed with a weld-in type sensor (unless you're a welder) you probably need to head to the repair shop for this job. Don't try to install a weld-in O2 sensor with something like epoxy -- it won't stand up to the task.
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