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How to Replace Struts on Your Car or Truck


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Strut Replacement Step By Step
How to Replace Struts on Your Car or Truck
Ernesto Andrade/Flickr
Do you need new struts? If your ride has gotten a little bouncy, or your car is bottoming out with a nice thump over speed bumps or potholes, it may be time for a strut replacement. Most cars have struts in the front, but many cars these days have rear struts, too. It's easy to install new struts, and you can save a ton of money by doing it yourself.

Before you even pick up a wrench, do a quick comparison to be sure you bought the right part. If what you bought at the parts store doesn't match the strut on your car or truck, you'll be glad you still have a working car to drive back to the parts store to get your new struts!

Be sure your car is securely supported by jackstands, and then remove the wheel. Never work on a car supported only by a jack!

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