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How to Repair Your Plastic Bumper


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Painting your Repaired Bumper
the repaired bumper cover

Budget bumper repair, finished!

photo by Adam Wright, 2013
Now that you've filled, sanded, and loved your bumper, it's time to spray the color on. We recommend ordering your paint as a custom mix. This produces much better results generally than the over the counter paint. It comes in an aerosol can and is easy to use, but the color actually matches! We found lots of them, but one guy you can find easily on Amazon.com seemed like the best, and we got a perfect match to a paint color that is not even available as an over-the-counter touch up paint!

Carefully mask the area around your repair and spray the smooth repair. Remember, many light coats are better than fewer heavy coats!

If your car uses a clearcoat type of paint, add layers of clearcoat once you're happy with your paint job.

Nice work!

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