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Replacing Your Charcoal Canister is Easy!

15-minute Repair


This recent letter prompted a quick discussion on replacing your charcoal canister. This was a Toyota Camry but the procedure is similar on most cars.

Dear Matt,
The charcoal canister on my 2002 Camry needs replacing. The dealer wants $650 to replace it. I called a local auto parts store and I can buy a replacement for $295. Is it difficult to replace? I do simple repairs. Where is it located and are special tools required? Thank you, Fred.

Wow, $650?!? Put your credit card away, you can do this yourself. It's an easy one. All you need to do is remove the old canister, carefully disconnect the vacuum lines connected to the canister, then reinstall. Be sure you properly reinstall the vacuum lines or you'll have issues, starting with a visit from your friend the Check Engine Light. Your charcoal canister should be located at the rear of the vehicle near the fuel filler neck. It'll be a big help to take that wheel off to do the job. Time to save $355!

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