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What is Automotive Empowerment?

It's our auto repair philosophy.


You can do it!

Empower yourself today!

Matt Wright
If you're new to About.com's Auto Repair Guide Site, let me say welcome. If you've made it this far you are obviously the type of person who likes to be in control of their life. Whether you do your own repairs and maintenance and want to brush up, or you've never even peeked under your hood, this site intends to leave you empowered.

You might be thinking, "Why do I need to know how my car works when I can pay my mechanic to figure it out?" You've got a point there, but how do you know when your mechanic is trying to upsell you on a repair that might be unnecessary? How will you know when a shop double-charges on labor when two repairs overlap? I'm not trying to say mechanics are crooked, most are generally honest. But you have to keep in mind that your mechanic is running a business, and the more he sells the more money he makes. If you're at Saks (or Payless) and the salesperson tries to sell you an extra pair of socks to go with your new kicks, are they being dishonest? Of course not! But you know that you don't need any more socks, so you say no thanks and move on. The same thing happens at the repair shop. If you're automotive empowered, you'll be able to spot the upsell right away, and that's the day you saved some money and refused to be taken advantage of.

That's what automotive empowerment is all about. Repairing and maintaining your own car can be fun and rewarding. You'll save precious time and money every time you stick your head under the hood instead of dropping your car off at the shop. Everybody has their own comfort level when it comes to do-it-yourself repairs. You may be comfortable replacing your shocks and struts, but somebody else may only want to check their fluids. But both these people are empowering themselves by learning about their car.

It's never too late to get acquainted with your engine. Look at it, listen to it, smell it. The next time something's wrong you'll know long before an unempowered driver, and you'll save some serious money. So poke around autorepair.about.com and do a little learning. We make it laid back and fun without all the technical jargon and scare tactics you find on many car repair sites. Don't forget, this auto repair site is run by a real person, me! My name is Matt and I'm always around to answer a question or two. Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter so you can become more empowered every week. Now let's go get greasy!

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