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Things You Need In Your Winter Preparedness Kit


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Do You Need a Winter Preparedness Kit? What is it Anyway?
A duffel bag for the emergency kit.

You need a nice sized bag for your Winter Emergency Kit

photo by Adam Wright, 2012
If you are on the roads in a region that sees its share of winter weather, you should be prepared for a breakdown. Something as simple as a flat tire can be a major ordeal in sub-freezing temperatures. You need to be prepared for the worst -- an overnight in your car without heat. The items you put in your Winter Preparedness Kit matter, here are some suggestions that might make your breakdown a little easier to deal with, or they might just save your life. It seems like every winter we hear on the news of someone who was not prepared for the winter who gets trapped in their car, or stuck in the snow, some of which end up with tragic ends.  There are also the not so tragic stories you hear from friends, relatives, and co-workers of the windshield of ice they tried to scrape with their credit card, or how they broke their key off trying to open the trunk that had a frozen lock, or how it took them two hours to change a flat tire because they couldn’t see in the dark. Well, we have tried to prepare a Car Winter Preparedness Kit to hopefully keep you out of many of the above situations. We bought an array of products which we will combine with products we have previously reviewed to hopefully meet any eventuality the winter may throw at you.

The first thing you need is a good sized bag to hold all of your emergency gear. This kit isn't about repairing your car or truck, it's about you and anybody stuck in the car with you. A gym sized duffel bag is a good choice for a well stocked kit.

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