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An Emergency Air Pump Can Make Your Trip Safer

Low Tires Can Be Dangerous, Keep Them Filled

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An on board tire filler.

An air pump riding on the back of a battery jump box.

photo by Adam Wright, 2009
A battery jump box can be a useful tool to keep on board, especially if you use your car's battery for things other than just driving, or if you're especially forgetful with the headlights. But attached to many battery jump boxes is another useful tool -- an electric air pump.

The Portable Air Pump

The portable electric air pump. These can be very handy if you notice that you have a tire that's getting low. A low tire should be checked for leaks and repaired or replaced, but if you're on the road that's not always an option. Low tires can have adverse affects on traction, especially braking. Not to mention the fact that your gas mileage drops like a rock if you're driving on low tires! If you've got a jump box like this one, maybe you should take it on the road with you. It could be a handy accessory, or a lifesaver!
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