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NHTSA Campaign ID:  00V404000
Component:  Fuel:Fuel System Other Parts
Manufacturer:  General Motors Corp.
Chevrolet Truck
C/K Chassis Cab
Recall Date:
Potential Number of Units Affected: 1393
Manufactured: 06/1998 - 08/2000
Defect Summary:
On some of these vehicles, either or both of the two body pressure relief valves (PRV) may not seal and could become inoperative during the life of the vehicle if the body installed on the vehicle does not protect the PRV from road debris.
Consequence Summary:
If a PRV does not seal, exhaust fumes could enter into the passenger cab and could cause possible illness, unconsciousness, or death.
Corrective Summary:
Dealers will inspect the vehicle to ensure that the PRVs are protected by the body of the vehicle. If the PRVs are not protected by the body, the dealer will install new shielded PRVs.

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