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Buick Park Ave Starter

Q. 1988 Buick Park Ave, 3.8 liter. General question regarding replacing the starter on this car. Prior to me digging in, I read the manual and it said I may have to loosen the engine housing or something to that effect in order to replace the starter. Based on that, I do not think it would be a good idea for me to attempt to replace. I have changed starters in my lifetime, but access to them was pretty good.

Buick Park Ave Starter

Any ideas about the difficulty of replacing one of these? I am not one that likes to take the car apart in order to replace one part.


A. Well, if you have the tools you should be able to do this. Take off the battery cable first. Make sure you can access the bolts that hold it to the engine. If so, remove the wires on starter and the two starter bolts and the starter should come right out.

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