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Ford Taurus Door Is Ajar Again

Q. Hi, I found someone asking the very same questions I had about my 1998 Ford Taurus wagon. Ford Taurus Door Is Ajar It is doing exactly as described below. You say trying to adjust the B and C Pillars. What are these pillars?? And where located?

Ford Taurus Door Is Ajar Again

I also looked on all the doors for a button to turn off the interior light, but there is none. Must be incorporated into something else. Anyway, I have to disconnect the battery to keep the battery from running down. Also sometimes after a period of time, like up to 20 minutes, the light will go off. Any help would be great!!!


A. Here are the locations of the pillars. The one between the windshield and the front door is the "A" pillar, between the front and rear door is the "B" pillar and so on. On vehicles without rear doors, the "D" pillar becomes the "C" pillar.

Ford Taurus Door Is Ajar Again

The door switch is integrated into the door latch. This means you will need to remove the door latch to replace it if adjusting the door doesn't work.

The door adjustment, in this case, is done with the striker plate attached to the "B" pillar. It can be tricky and the two or three screws holding the striker plate are very tight. I think your best bet is to let a body shop make the adjustment.

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