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E320 Brakes

Q. Hi, I wanted to change the front brake pads and sensors on my 1998 Mercedes Benz E-320, but could not find a web site that would give me any specific instructions, photos, etc. Can you suggest one or more sites for this type of information?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, Arnold

E320 Brakes

A. Sure can, right here. You can find all your Auto Repair needs right here. And if you call within the next ten minutes we'll knock off one whole payment. Oh, sorry. I've been watching too many infomercials.

First read my article DIY - Disc Brakes to get familiar with the job in general. Then follow these specific instructions.


  1. Check lining thickness of brake pads and condition of brake discs.

  2. Unhook spring (31d).

    • Pull left front brake pad wear sensor (S10/1) out of front brake pad wear sensor connector (S10/1x1).

  3. Pull covers (31 b) off guide pins.

  4. Unscrew guide pins (31c).

  5. Remove floating caliper (31 a) with brake pads (31g).

    • Brake pads must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

    • Local authorities can provide information as to whether the brake pads may also be disposed of as industrial waste similar to domestic waste.

  6. Pull left front brake pad wear sensor (S10/ 1) out of lining back plate of brake pad (31g).

  7. Check floating caliper (31a) for leaks and check dust boot is not damaged.

    • Perform visual inspection, if necessary, repair or replace floating caliper.

  8. Press back piston (47) with resetting device (031).

    • Extract some brake fluid beforehand to prevent the brake fluid reservoir overflowing when the piston (47) is pushed back.

    • If piston is difficult to move, repair front axle floating caliper.

  9. Clean bearing surface of brake pads (31g) in brake carrier (33) and floating caliper (31a).


  10. Install in reverse order, noting the following:

    • Only sets of brake pads approved by Mercedes-Benz must be installed.

    • Insert inner brake pad (31g) with riveted-on spring (arrow) in piston.

    • Insert outer brake pad in brake carrier (33) and install floating caliper (31a).

    • Replace defective front brake pad wear sensors (S10/1).

    • Always install front brake pad wear sensor (S10/1) on inner brake pad.

    • Tighten guide pin to: 25 Nm (18 foot pounds)

  11. Operate the brake pedal several times until the brake pads contact the brake discs (firm resistance detectable).

  12. Top up or extract brake fluid up to the max. mark on brake fluid reservoir.

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