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Ford Ranger Cylinder Head R&R Times

Q. Dear Mr. Ciulla, I would like to know what the industry standard number of hours it takes to remove and replace cylinder heads on a 1998 Ford Ranger 4.0 liter V-6 engine. Please note that the hours should not include any valve work because the heads were sent to a machine shop for valve repairs.

Ford Ranger Cylinder Head Times

The problem I am having is the shop was supposed to have discounted the repairs and did so by cutting the number of hours charged from 12.9 to only 9 hours. 12.9 hours seems to be way too many hours to remove and replace the heads.

Your help in this matter is really appreciated.

Amarillo, Texas

A. Here it is, straight out of the book.

1998 Ford Truck Ranger 2WD V6-245 4.0L VIN X SFI

Labor Warranty Standard
Cylinder Head Gasket Replace    
With A/C Add 0.8 1.1
Right Bank 4.5 6.6
Left Bank 4.7 6.8
Both Banks 7.1 10.3
Includes: Remove Carbon And Make All Necessary Adjustments.

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