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Maxima Clutch Slave Cylinder

Q. I have a 1996 Nissan Maxima, V-6, 3.0 liter engine. I had a new clutch installed. The mechanic said that my clutch was hard to bleed and it took him about two hours to get it bled. Now the pedal still doesn't feel right and I loses pressure when I press the pedal. I called him and he said that my clutch slave was going out, but it was working before I took it to him.

Maxima Clutch Slave Cylinder

Is the there any way that it might be the slave or something else? I checked the clutch system for leaks but I found none.


A. There is no doubt in my mind that the clutch slave cylinder was fine before you had the clutch replaced. But I would not blame the mechanic who replaced the clutch for making it bad. I always strongly recommend replacing the clutch slave cylinder when replacing a Maxima (or most any Nissan clutch) clutch. Invariably the old slave cylinder will start leaking within one to three weeks.

If you pull the rubber boot off the slave cylinder you will see that it's filled with brake fluid.

If he had put a new slave cylinder in when he did the clutch, it would have been a ten minute job to bleed the clutch hydraulic system.

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