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Ford Crown Victoria No Heat

Q. Sorry to bother you, but, I have a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria with a V-8 fuel injected engine. I can't get the heater to work. I have had it in several shops, they can't seem to fix it. I have replaced the heater core, the radiator, radiator hoses and thermostat. I don't understand why it won't blow hot air, the blower works good, it will get barely warm, but, that's it. I would greatly appreciate any help.


Ford Crown Victoria No Heat

A. The most likely possibility is the blend door is not working correctly. With the manual heater control the blend door is operated by cable. So when you move the temperature lever, the blend door will open or close. What you need to do is get under the dash and look at the cable. If it is bent or disconnected, it will have to be replaced or reattached.

The Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) has an electric motor that moves the blend door. In this case you would need to pull the connector off and see if there is power when you move the temperature lever. If not, you probably have a bad ATC control module.

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