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Ford Explorer Has A Heater Problem

Q. Help please. My daughter's 1996 Ford Explorer has a heater problem. I have verified that hot water goes through the heater core, but the heater blows cold. I tried to check heat mixing flap but it is not cable controlled. Heat controller is a knob attached to a potentiometer, no cable. Service books don't show anything on this type system except a picture of the cluster, nothing of any use. Can you help ?


Ford Explorer Has A Heater Problem

A. Drive the blend door actuator in both directions while visually checking the actuator for movement. If there is movement, remove the actuator and visually check the blend door where the actuator rod inserts for cracks. The instrument panel does not have to be removed for this operation. If the door is cracked, you will need a HVAC plenum.

The new plenum is part number F87Z-18471-DA. This is common for the 1995 through 1999 Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer Has A Heater Problem

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