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Honda Accord Interior Lighting

Q. Where do I start looking to fix this situation? Cab light in 1992 Honda Accord, automatic, 158,000 kilometers only comes on when I open the back door, but does not come on when I open the front door. Any advice? Thank you for a wonderful service!!!!

Honda Accord Interior Lighting

A. I'm assuming you mean the dome light on the ceiling and the car is a four door.

Now if it only works with one rear door, then there is a bit of a problem. Power for the dome light goes through the Safety Indicators circuit, then through the Integrated Control Unit (ICU) and then to the door switches which supplies the ground for the circuit.

Power for the other three doors goes through the door ajar warning lights, and then to the door switches which supplies the ground for the circuit. Since I don't think that three door switches went bad at the same time, the only thing that's common to all is the Safety Indicator circuit in the gauge assembly.

I would get a wiring diagram and check for power coming out of the dash. If there is no power out to the door switches, then the dash unit will have to be replaced.

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