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Honda Civic Head Gasket Cost

Q. Hi Vince, My niece has a 1990 Honda Civic. She was told by her mechanic that she needs a new head gasket. The price quoted was $850.00. Is this in the ballpark? What are the symptoms if that is truly the problem?

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Honda Civic Head Gasket Cost

A. Hello Phyllis, always nice to hear from you. Did your mechanic ever find the reason your Honda would't start? I remember you were having an intermittent problem with that.

I figure about $455.00 for labor. That's 7 hours x $65.00 an hour labor. This might be more or less depending on the shops posted labor rate. This is including replacing the timing belt. Without the timing belt you can knock off 1.5 hours.

Parts would run about $150.00, tops, for a new head gasket set. Timing belt is about $40.00. A gallon of anti-freeze is about $15.00, oil and filter change and other fluids and little stuff, probably another $50.00 tops. The parts prices I use are for new parts from the dealer. Aftermarket parts would be less.

According to my figures that comes to about $710.00, and as I said, that includes a new timing belt. If he is also replacing the water pump, that would make it about the $850.00 he's estimating.

If she has the option, she can call the dealer and get their price. They usually have a set price and will give you a list of what it includes and what extras would cost.

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