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Jeep Cherokee Dies Whenever It Wants

Q. Hi, I've just stumbled across your board and found a LOT of helpful hints, I was wondering if you could help me out with a strange one. The car is a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Limited SE 4.0 liter, automatic transmission 4WD with barely 85,000 miles. It also has an LPG conversion. The car started to cut out a few months back, any speed, at any time, without splutter, just gone.

Jeep Cherokee Dies Whenever It Wants

At that time I could just put it in neutral and crank it back up. A few weeks into this problem and it started to happen at least once per day, and now it took several seconds if not a few minutes to start back up. Cranks, but no start.

Now however, it cuts out sometimes once, sometimes four times in 30 miles, and won't start for at least half an hour or an hour. I can sometimes park it having had no stops, leave it for an hour or so, even over night, and it won't start when I get back in it. This however doesn't last long and will start at some point.

I, by accident, discovered while in a filling station putting water in the washer bottle that when I got water on the engine, it would start! So I started to carry round a gallon of water and when it cut out, I got out and poured a small amount of water on the very front of the engine and presto, it started!!!! AFTER a quick cough!

recently replaced the engine coolant and discovered that flushing cold water into the coolant also made the car start after a stop. Without water it will not start for at least half an hour.

Now however, no matter how much water I put on it or in it, Once it cuts, it's out for the hour. There is no apparent overheating on the car, it's never gone near the red, although I just had a leaky tube, and the auxiliary fan goes on off at will even when the car is cold? I get no warning lights, no check lights at all.

I recently discovered though that while in the no start state, there is no spark to the king lead. It also does it in petrol AND gas mode.

The dealer and everyone mentions the CPS, but how would cold water on the front of the engine affect this as it's at the back? The car starts fine normally, although now it is running a little high on idle. It's got new plugs, new coolant, new oil, air and oil filters etc, a full service was less that 3,000 miles ago.

Please help. My wife cannot drive the car at the moment as she is not strong enough to wrestle it round a bend without P/S and it is dangerous.

Thanks for your help, keep up the good work!

A. As you can see in the diagram below, the only thing that would effect anything is the Coolant temperature Sensor (CTS). It stands to reason if you cool it off, the engine would start.

So I think the first thing I would do is put a new one in and see what happens. It's cheap and easy to replace.

Jeep Cherokee Dies Whenever It Wants

Jeep Cherokee Dies Whenever It Wants
The engine coolant temperature sensor threads into the thermostat housing.

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