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Pontiac Grand Am Has ABS Problems

Q. I am a 68 year old widow, every time I go to the local GM dealer, I feel they take advantage of me. My car is a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am SE, V-6, AT, 57,890 miles, fuel injection, ABS, P/S, A/C and cruise control. Work done; 1 sensor Front, 1 sensor Back wheel, EBM motor, relay switch. Now the mechanic says there is an open wire.

Pontiac Grand Am Has ABS Problems

Where??????? The car felt like the ABS was coming on all the time when I used the brake pedal. Please, can you help me?

A. You need to see the Service Manager at that dealer and explain to him or her that you are not happy about previous repairs since you are still having problems with the same system. Let him know that you understand that there may be more than one thing wrong but since you had it back a few times, it's obvious that someone isn't diagnosing it properly.

There should be trouble codes stored in the EBCM and they should lead the tech to a problem in a bad wheel speed sensor or broken wires to the sensor. It's fairly common to have one side done and the other side act up not too long after. The wires to the speed sensors in the front must move with steering. That's why they break. Maybe the Service Manager will cut you a break on the next repair or pay for the parts.

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