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Dodge B-2500 Van Shifting Problems

Q. Hi Vincent, I am having some trouble with my transmission. At the end of a 40 mile interstate run, when I slowed down, it didn't downshift right. It didn't seem to idle different, but had no "pick-up". So I took it home and parked it. The next morning, I tried to drive it and it would barely engage, it was like it was slipping equally bad in REVERSE and DRIVE.

Dodge B-2500 Van Shifting Problems

Here's where it gets weird, I thought maybe it was low on fluid. I let the van idle and come completely up to operating temperature. The fluid level checked fine and the fluid is not burnt at all, the filter was changed and system flushed about 3,000 miles ago. I tried to move it again and it moved fine when hot, except it shifted from FIRST to THIRD really fast. When I put it in REVERSE it almost killed the engine.

I was convinced by my wife to just get what I can for it. So I cleaned it up, and straightened out a wiring mess under the hood left by previous owner, unraveled and disordered wire and hose routing. During this, I had the battery disconnected for about 15 minutes.

When I was done, I went to move it and it shifted fine, all gears, cold and hot. So I drove it downtown. After a few stops at various places, it started acting up again. It wanted to kill the engine at stoplights and it would not downshift right. Now that it cooled off, it stalls the engine when I put it in REVERSE and DRIVE.

I checked for DTCs and all I got was 12 and 55. To be sure I was reading it right, I unplugged the solenoid wire from the transmission and tested again; got 12, 37 and 55. It obviously read an open TCC solenoid. Do you think it is the TCC solenoid or the torque converter? If it is the solenoid, do I have to pull the transmission to fix it?

  • 1998 Dodge B-2500 conversion van
  • 318 cid V-8
  • Automatic transmission
  • 169,000 miles

Thank you,

A. Unplug the TCC solenoid connector and drive the Van. If the problem does not resurface, then you'll know for sure you found the problem.

It's not very difficult to replace, a couple of hours worth of work. Just drop the transmission pan and you will see it.

Dodge B-2500 Van Shifting Problems

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