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Oldsmobile Bravada Blower Motor Inop

Q. I have a 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada and the fan motor for the HVAC quit. I checked the fuse and it was good so I replaced the switch and it still didn't work. I then replaced the fan motor itself and it still will not work. So it must not be getting power. Maybe there is a fuse link or something else I am missing, what do you think?

Oldsmobile Bravada Blower Motor Inop

The Olds has 107,000 miles and the motor was replaced at 105,000 and there have been no problems since the engine swap which was about six months ago. My son drives the car to school so he puts very little mileage on it.

A. Could be a bad blower motor resistor block, blower motor relay or the #2 fusible link at the battery junction box. Seems to me the money already spent would have fixed it by taking it to a shop. You need a test light and a schematic to diagnose this problem.

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