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Chevrolet Stalls In Reverse

Q. Vincent, My son recently bought a 1987 Chevrolet ½ ton short box pickup with a throttle body 350 cubic inch V-8 and 700 R overdrive automatic transmission.

The engine is supposedly a new Mr. Goodwrench replacement, and the transmission has just been rebuilt, or so claims the previous owner.

There appears to be many new parts on the truck, the main reason we bought this one.

He has driven it less than 300 miles because it was stalling. It would start right up and go, then stall again. Our very trusted mechanic replaced the Idle Air Control Valve, and the TPS and after keeping the truck for some time they got no more codes on the computer, however the truck now stall when you put it in reverse...starts right back up but will die every time.

Now to make matters worse, after a short drive of about 80 miles, it has developed a rod knock. Can you help us with the stalling problem?


A. If the transmission was just rebuilt and it stalls in reverse then the problem is most likely inside the transmission. The converter clutch apply valve snap ring in the valve body may have been installed backwards. If installed backwards, the converter clutch apply valve will push the snap ring out of its groove when the valve is returned by spring tension. This will apply the TCC and cause the vehicle to stall in reverse.

This was a very common problem, so much so that GM issued a bulletin alerting dealers of this problem.

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