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Changing GMC Jimmy Spark Plugs

Q. I have a loaded 1998 GMC Jimmy with 80,000 miles on the 4.3 liter engine and decided to replace the spark plugs myself. All went well until I got to the center plug on the drivers side. It seems the engineers decided to place the shaft that runs from the steering column to the steering box right in the way of the center plug.

Changing GMC Jimmy Spark Plugs

Using a conventional spark plug socket is out of the question since there is no room to get the socket onto the spark plug. My question is: What is the easiest way to change the center spark plug on the left bank on my 1998 Jimmy?


A. My way is to jack up left front and remove the wheel/tire. Get a long (24") extension and a spark plug socket that has a universal joint as part of it. You can get one at Sears. It's tight, but works every time. You just need to be very careful putting in the new plug.

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