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GMC Sierra Pickup Cut And Splice

Q. Dear Sir: I found your web site, and thought maybe you could help me. I want to lengthen the frame on my 1989 GMC Sierra pickup, to accept an extended cab. I need to lengthen it 10" to match the frame of the factory X-cab. I know that the 1999 and newer pickups have high strength steel frames, but I cannot find any place where they specify what the frame on the 1989 is.

GMC Sierra Pickup Cut And Splice

Can I cut it and add a section, if I fish-plate the frame? Sadly, I found out that the frame is shorter on my truck after I had removed the standard cab. And now, I can't find any information on whether the frame can be welded or not. Most people I talk with say yes, but some say no??? I would appreciate your help.

Thank you sincerely,

A. The best info I can give you is to call a dealer in your area and ask them who does their up-fitting. Most dealers send a bare cab and chassis out to an up-fitter to have a custom bed or utility box on them and they would know if and how to do this. Personally, if it were me, I'd look for a wreck and use that frame.

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