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Dodge Intrepid Transmission Fluid Leak

Q. Hi: I take real good care of my cars and was surprised when I took my 2000 Dodge Intrepid in for a tune-up and was told there is too much pressure in the torque converter and the seals are leaking and we suggest an overhaul of $1100.00. Now that I'm retired $1100.00 is a lot and something just didn't seem Kosher.

Dodge Intrepid Transmission Fluid Leak

So I took it to a second transmission place and he said it probably is the pan gasket leaking oil and it's throwing back, so I don't know?

I just want to find out exactly what's wrong and get competitive pricing? A year ago during a routine oil change they torqued the oil pan too much and I replaced it. Before replacing the pan it had some of the same characteristic but whether that's it is only a guess on my part? What do you suggest for me to pinpoint the problem and go from there?


A. I don't buy that "Too much pressure" story myself. Not that it's impossible, just not very likely. I would say a leaking transmission pan gasket is much more likely.

Using a dye is a good way to pinpoint the leak. If you read Finding Pesky Oil Leaks and it will help you locate the leak. Once you know where the leak is coming from, we can deal with the repair.

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