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Chevy 1500 Water Leak

Q. I have the old body style Chevy 1500 Z-71, automatic transmission, 350, 78,000 miles, extended cab that I just purchased last week. I've got a water problem on the front passenger side floor board by the door. The carpet is soaked and so is the pad. I'm not sure if the A/C or the rain is doing this. My co-worker has the identical problem on his 1999 chevy truck.

Chevy 1500 Water Leak

My 1999 Suburban has also started to leak in the same place as well. This seems to be a common problem. The dealership wants an arm and a leg to diagnose and fix if possible. I do not want to take it to them if I can help it!

I also have a problem with daytime running lights. The lights work when I turn them on at night, but they do not come on in the daytime. The light on the dash says there on, but there not. Do I need to replace the whole light assembly or is there a bulb replacement?

Thank you!!

A. Water leaks can be very hard to find! I doubt it's the A/C system. Could be a bad seal on the door panel. Under the door panel is a piece of plastic. It is there to deflect the rain water that gets inside the door from leaking inside the truck. If it is damaged, water will spill into the cab. The windshield could also be leaking. Lift the rug and have someone spray water on truck while you sit inside with a good flashlight watching for water.

As for the DRL's the bulbs are good if the headlights work. There is a diode under drivers side of dash that could be bad. It's bolted to the main dash cross brace under the radio area. It has a heat sink on the side of it. This is just a guess. You would need the diag chart for this problem along with a schematic.

Chevy 1500 Water Leak

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