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Toyota 4-Runner Heater Hoses

Q. Dear Vincent. I have a 1999 Toyota 4-Runner Limited. It has the 3.4 liter V-6, automatic transmission, A/C, fuel injection, 4WD I want to put a Flush-Kit on so I can flush out my cooling system. I've used these kits before and they work great for flushing your whole system!

Toyota 4-Runner Heater Hoses

I need to know which heater hose coming from the fire wall is the Heater Inlet Hose? I can see that one connects to a temperature control valve, then into the block? And I can't tell where the other hose goes, it's to hard to see, but it's on top of the block too? I need to tie into the Heater Inlet Hose, which one is it?

I asked the mechanic at Toyota and he just guessed! I could just drain the radiator and pull the drain plug on the block but I can't find that plug either! I'd rather use the Flush-Kit. Your help would be appreciated!

A. The inlet hose is the one going from the intake manifold to the heater control valve and then to the heater core.

To double check this, take the manifold to heater control valve off the heater control valve and crank the engine. Disable the ignition so it won't start. If fluid comes out of the hose, it is, indeed the inlet. If it comes out of the heater control valve, it's the outlet hose.

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