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Kia Rio Cinco Check Engine Light On

Q. Hi, I have a question on my newly purchased 2004 Kia Rio Cinco 490 miles, manual transmission, 1.6 liter engine, fuel injection, 4 cylinder purchased 4/24/04. I've been taking the car back to the dealer because the Check Engine Light keeps coming on its been in on 4/27, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30 they have made adjustment, replaced the sensor and replaced the computer of the car again once again the Check Engine Light came on.

Kia Rio Cinco Check Engine Light On

I know they are tired of me and I am tired of seeing them. Any ideas of what else can be checked on this car?

Thank you,

A. I really wish I could help you with this Linda, but there are, about, 1,500 different conditions that will turn the CEL on. You've made, at least, four trips to have this problem fixed so I think you are at the point where you need to get Kia involved.

Look in your Owners Manual and you will find the number for Kia Customer Service. Call them and file a complaint. Then request an appointment with the Kia Factory Representative and he will make things happen for you.

If all else fails, you probably have recourse under your states Lemon Laws.

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