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Honda Accord Has No Heat

Q. I don't know much about cars and need a little help. A week ago I turned on my heat and cold air came out. The last time I used the heater everything was fine no strange noises or anything like that. I have been to several different repair shops and they are all telling me different things. At this point I just want to troubleshoot it myself.

  • 1997 Honda Accord SE
  • 2.2 liter SOHC
  • Automatic transmission
Honda Accord Has No Heat

A. For the heater to put out the maximum amount of heat, the cooling system as to be working as it should. So the first thing to check is the coolant level and to insure the thermostat is working. Usually just putting in a new thermostat is the best thing to do. They are cheap and easy to put in.

Also, make sure there are no air bubbles in the cooling system. Here's the procedure for bleeding the cooling system.

  1. Loosen the air bleed bolt in the thermostat housing, then fill the radiator to the bottom of the filler neck with the coolant mixture. Tighten the bleed bolt as soon as coolant starts to run out in a steady stream without bubbles.
  2. With the radiator cap off, start the engine and let it run until warmed up (radiator fan comes on at least twice). Then, if necessary, add more coolant mix to bring the level back up to the bottom of the filler neck.
  3. Put the radiator cap on tightly, then run the engine again and check for leaks.

Honda Accord Has No Heat

The next thing to check is the Heater Control Valve. With the heat selector on HOT, the valve should be open. Feel the heater hoses, they should be equally hot on both sides. If not, the valve is not opening and needs to be replaced.

Honda Accord Has No Heat

If after this you still have no heat, we need to check the HVAC controls. There is a cable that goes from the temperature selector switch to an air mix door. Check to see that it is still attached on both ends and not kinked. I have seen may cables bend and distort at the air mix door.

Honda Accord Has No Heat

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