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Dodge Intrepid Wiper Problems

Q. Hello Mr. Ciulla: I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid. It has been an awesome car to this point. Change the fluids as required, one new battery, one new set of tires, and one new set of brakes. Not a large price to pay for 106,000 miles. Here lately my intermittent wipers have developed a mind of their own.

Dodge Intrepid Wiper Problems

They sometimes don't want to stop once cut on. They usually don't keep the requested setting that I adjusted the dial to. They speed up and slow down on their own. I guess I am looking for the what it could be? If you have any advice on what things I should try and in what order please let me know.


A. Here is how to check it. All you need is an ohmmeter.

Dodge Intrepid Wiper Problems
Wiper Motor Wire Connector
  1. Using an ohmmeter, check for ground at Pin 1 on the wiper motor connector. If grounded, replace motor.
  2. Using an ohmmeter, with the wiper motor in the PARK position, check for continuity between Pin 1 and Pin 4 on the wiper motor connector. If continuous continuity, go to Step 3. If not OK, replace motor.
  3. Disconnect the wiper motor wire harness connector and the BCM J3 2-way connector. Check for continuity between Pin 1 of the wiper motor wire harness connector and terminal 2 of the BCM J3 24-way connector. If no continuity, repair as necessary. If continuity is okay, test the wiper motor.

If the wiper motor and wiring are good, then the problem is a bad BCM

Dodge Intrepid Wiper Problems
Body Control Module (BCM) Connectors

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